Houston, TX – January 27, 2015

French-American Networking Event in Science & Technology

Houston, TX
January 27, 2015

On January 27, 2015 the Office for Science & Technology (OS&T) at the Consulate of France in Houston organized a French-American Networking Event in Science & Technology (NEST) gathering French doctors, academics and engineers living or working in Greater Houston. This event aimed to strengthen this French community’s ties to the Consulate and to inform them about the means of support available from the Consulate to develop Franco-American collaborative projects.

A significant number of French expatriates are located in Greater Houston and the OS&T made a considerable effort to identify the French academics and scientists in this community. More than 60 people participated in this gathering and were treated to a traditional French King Cake at the Residence of France. Many of the participants were not previously familiar with the Consulate’s activities and missions so time was reserved to present certain programs such as Houston’s “European Science Café” as well as other initiatives of the OS&T and Cultural Services.

The evening also included a photo exhibition of the French national synchrotron facility, SOLEIL, by photographer Vincent Moncorgé. This exhibition has previously been show at Louisiana State University last October and was brought to the Residence of France for this event. Support was provided by the Consul General of France in Houston and the Cultural Services local office.